Bali – Colin Anderson

Considered a generalist, Colin’s work is stylistic, conceptual and often narrative based. A vision, that has been shared with such diverse companies as IBM, Harper Collins New York,Random House New York,Penguin Books New York, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Maxtor, Microsoft, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, MTV, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Time, Newsweek, Forbes, MasterCard,…

Altar – Chad Wys

  Chad is an Artist, designer, and writer based in Peoria, IL, USA. Behance Instagram Tumblr Facebook Focus: Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpting  

Reno Nogaj

Reno Nogaj, an illustrator from Italy creates metaphysical landscapes that discover the depths of an intuitive mind. The use of the color blue gives the works a sad and isolated aura, much like the ideas that the artist seems to be conveying. Reno Nogaj Illustrator Sondrio, Italy

Ed Emrich

Using the female body as the canvas and light as paint, Ed Emrich creates artwork that surpasses common notions of beauty and art. In this series called “The Masterpiece Series” we see a blend of famous art historical women on the female nude. Gustav Klimt, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, everyone’s here. Facebook:…

Maude Guesne

Quirky, with a pinch of feminine sass, Maude Guesne and her watercolor styled illustrations always make one feel warm and fuzzy. From the pets to flowers and fancy clothes, the women in her illustrations make one want to relax and probably go on a beach holiday. Check her other work out at: Website: Facebook:…

Thomas Ehretsmann

Eerily resembling the works of artist Edward Hopper with the foreplay of shadows and night lights to give an aura of mystery and thrill, Thomas creates Neo- Noir paintings with acrylic paints to illustrate series he calls “Editorials”. He works with several magazines and brands wherein he recreates the present as it would look in…

Hello Hatsu! – Pablo Alfieri

Put your headphones and roll it!             Pablo Alfieri is an Art Director and Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires Argentina. Facebook Twitter Vimeo

Light – Katya Maleev

    Recent personal and commercial illustrations for private collections by Katya Maleev. Focus: Illustration, Character Design Mail: Behance    

3D Printed Infographics – Coming Soon

                                      Something original and fresh, these 3D printed infographics for the annual report of Ablynx, prepared by a Belgian Studio called Soon. It was printed for 2 weeks non stop. Soon is a Belgian studio that creates visual…

Manimals- Adam Spizak

Manimals is a series that brings to life our innermost manifestations of fantastic beasts and their unique qualities. His work has an eerie metallic look, that shimmers with inner and reflected light, thus giving his work a futuristic look. His other series are the batman, star wars and Iron Man series among others, and guaranteed,…